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Here Is Houston ...

includes all you've ever wanted to know about Houston, from facts and figures on the Houston region to information on financing a home as well as a calendar of events. Perfect for anyone from the newest of newcomers to born-and-raised Houstonians.
Here Is Houston Also Available in the Newcomer’s Packet ...
featuring the most popular publications with general information about living in Houston, including Houston Facts, Houston street maps, Here Is Houston, and a complimentary copy of the Make Houston Home! video on CD-ROM.
Price ...
Publication: $1.50 members/$3 nonmembers
Newcomer’s Packet: $6 members/$13 nonmembers
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Learn more about ...
• Shaping Houston's Future
No one knows better than Houstonians that with vision, hard work and the right attitude anything is possible.
• Here is Houston
If a newcomer considering moving to Houston could interview the city, what would it say? Read this self-description of life in Houston to find out!
• Houston Life
A tour of Houston's many diversions and activities
• Moving to Houston
Read here to ensure a smooth move
• Renting/Leasing
Houston offers plenty of alternatives to buying
• Neighborhoods and Communities
The Who's Who of Houston neighborhoods
• Vertical Living
The urban life concept has become increasingly popular
• Senior Living
Houston offers quality of life for seniors - from housing, health care, activities and recreation
• Education
An instructive tour of Houston's educational institutions
• Health Care
• Dining
Make a reservation for Houston's culinary excellence
• Retail
From haute to hand-me-downs, Houston is a haven for shopaholics
• Information/Data
Houston 101: Everything a new resident needs to know
• Financing/Mortgages
• Job Hunting
Prospering in Houston's dynamic economy
• Schedules
Get the best seat in the house
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